Pandoras, Focusing on Decentralized Dapp Ecology

Digital Asset Investment DAPP Ecological Portal

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Portable asset management

  • One-click to add digital assets, master Balance & Transaction trends
  • Private key is safely stored locally, and digital assets are open and transparent
  • Market is changing rapidly, Pandoras controls whenever possible
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Pandoras EOS Wallet

  • EOS one-click account
  • One-click to add a variety of assets, transfer & collection
  • EOS Chain Full Currency and "Token" Airdrop Support

Pandoras HD Wallet

  • Take full control of your assets and private keys for maximum safety
  • Easily import your mnemonic seeds from other wallets you may own
  • Support for DApps
  • EOS & Tron voting

Safety first,escort for you

Multi-factor Authentication

Login and Payment Passcodes

Google Two-Factor Authentication

Know Your Customer Compliance

Text Notifications

One-stop Investment Service

The most objective investment advise

The best quality investment products

The most impartial evaluation

Off-line Signature

HSM bank-level security

Private keys stored in multi-signature

cards, stashed in secretive locations

around the world